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Meta launches Sphere : AI-based  Information Verification Tool Used to Verify Citations On Wikipedia

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USA-based multinational Company Meta, formerly known as Facebook recently announced the launching of an Artificial Intelligence-based Application, Sphere to control the misinformation over millions of web pages, the first on the list which they are targeting is Wikipedia. Today, we will be having a look at this in some detail. 

About Sphere and Its working

Sphere is an AI-based tool that has the ability to scan millions of web pages to verify the citations provided on the pages to check whether the information given is authentic and accurate. The tool is in its initial phase as of now and has already scanned a variety of web pages.  Along with the text, the tool is also able to check and verifies the hyperlinks given in between the texts to support accurate information on that matter. This is a great step put up by Meta for protecting any misinformation from spreading among the public and maintaining the authenticity of the topic. Although Meta doesn’t have a very good impression in public views regarding authentic news as there are multiple times that Meta was accused by the public of supporting “misinformation”, this step for launching “Sphere” is a commendable and helpful one. 

Sphere Used to Verify The Citations On Wikipedia

As the very first step, Meta used this tool on Wikipedia pages and the reason behind this is Wikipedia has a massive amount of viewers being the most popular information app(encyclopedia) out there. There are around 6.5 Million articles to data on Wikipedia and there are high chances of information being not accurate or false. Targeting Wikipedia will bring out the authenticity of content and data on the pages. If the same work is done manually, it will cost a lot of time and Artificial Intelligence-based “Sphere “ will solve the problem in a matter of seconds and will suggest the correct citation for the misinformed data. Not being limited to Wikipedia only, Meta has plans to upgrade and expand it further to other websites as well for maintaining the authenticity of the content. 

With this Meta says that With the help of the process, the focus goes on the citations “ allowing human editors to evaluate the cases most likely to be flawed without having to shift through thousands of properly cited statements” and their tool and its working model will give some suggestions for the authentic citation in the place of the false one and will also point out to the passages that are supporting the claims.  

Along with this, a new data set known as “ WAFER” (“more intricate than ever Wikipedia citations”) is for use in this kind of research and is being used for the new Tool of Meta called “Sphere”. However, according to Meta, it is not a paid deal between both of companies. 

Going further, the technology used in Building this is artificial Intelligence, which provides a fully automated process of checking citations. Their next area of focus on further expanding is they will train the tool to “access the quality of retrieved document”, will observe and detect any contradictions in the same, and will emphasize more trustworthy sources, according to them.

Added to this, they said that if there is no convincing evidence or source exists,” concede that they, like us, can still be stumped”.The tool  Sphere is being used as an open-source tool and currently, it is going through a production phase. Meta also commented that this model or this toll will not be going to use on its own platform or on any of the companies, acquired by them such as Instagram, etc. They added that they have a specific and separate tool for their own platforms. 

About Meta

Meta (Meta Platforms formerly known as Facebook) is an America-based multinational Information Technology company, co-founded on 4 January 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum,  Dustin Moscovitz, and Chris Hughes. Headquarters or Meta are located in Menlo Park, California, United States of America. Its popular product is social media platforms Facebook,  Whatsapp, and Instagram among some other platforms as well.

It is also a major player in the field of “Virtual and Augmented Reality”.  The Chief Executive Officer of Meta is Mark Zuckerberg. The company was also named among the “ top 500 fortunate companies ” of the world, itself gaining a 34th rank in the list. 


Ai built tool “Sphere” will help to validate the truthfulness of any citations including texts and links, and will notify for every mis information and will also provide the correct citations for the same. As the model is currently in not in its live phase and working in its production phase on Wikipedia only, they will further expand it to other websites and resources to well. This newly made model seems to be very useful and supportive, according to its perks provided.

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