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Tencent launched Tencent Meetings, a platform similar to Zoom Video conferencing


Tencent Meetings, a video conferencing service of Tencent has been launched in the market, setting the competition to new heights. On Wednesday, Tencent launched its Zoom-like videoconferencing platform, reaching new milestones in the enterprise service sector.  Tencent itself revealed this news to the public, discussing its new Zoom-like video conferencing platform.

This seems to be a positive step for the upgradation in growth and success of Tencent to mark new highlights in the enterprise service sector. This year, not only Tencent but Alibaba is also working to expand their business to other sectors. Alibaba, which is quite popular for its E-commerce operations is now working on business in other sectors too.

Tencent Meetings seems to give tough competition to Zoom Meetings along with some local competitors such as BizConf Telecom, XYlink, etc. One of the most prominent reasons for the launch and popularity of Tencent Meetings is the ban of its competitor American Video conferencing platform, Zoom Meetings. Tencent Meetings comes up with free as well as the paid Version, where the free version allows to join 25 participants for up to 45 minutes as per tencent meeting zoomlikeleetechnode.

tencent meeting zoomlikeleetechnode

While for availing of the premium version, an amount of  RMB99 ($14) has to be paid. This version incubates up to 100 participants. The enterprise version is also there in which there can be more than 300 participants in a meeting at the same time. Tencent Meeting uses technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, etc. to easily facilitate a collaborative environment in online meetings, video conferencing, and others.

CCW Research Institute has conducted research in which they found that the overall market size of Online video conferencing reached RMB 3.1 Billion in 2018 making a surge of 36.2% year-on-year, marking a significant increase of 36.2% over the year of 2017.

To use the Tencent Meeting app, users can log in with their mobile number or with their WeChat account. WeChat Work, WeChat, and QQ can also be used for conferences.

WeChat Work and WeChat mini program can also be used if users don’t have the Tencent app installed on their devices. Their company claims that they maintain an ultra-low latency of approximately 80ms being the outcome of high-definition picture quality.

Not only limited to the above-mentioned features, but the application also contains some extra characteristics and features making it better and distinct than others.  The predicted news regarding the Chinese Internet giant is that it will invest approximately billions dollar of amount to expand its operations into cloud computing.

The launch of Tencent Meetings by Tencent seems to be a great step for their expansion in cloud computing as well as in the enterprise market, data taken through tencent-meeting-zoomlikeleetechnode.

Exploring thе Thrilling World of Go Pеrya.net APK: Your Gatеway to Filipino Carnival Gamеs


In thе vibrant panorama of cеllular gaming, in which еndlеss apps viе on your intеrеst, Go Pеrya APK еmеrgеs as a uniquе and еxhilarating platform that guarantееs to transport you to thе coronary hеart of Filipino carnival amusing.

With a rich array of traditional Go pеrya.net gamеs, this app еncapsulatеs thе spirit of festivity and еntеrtainmеnt synonymous with thе Philippinеs. In this comprehensive еxploration, wе will delve into what makеs Go Pеrya.Intеrnеt APK a standout dеsirе for cеll gaming fans.

Thе Go Pеrya Apk Expеriеncе: A Slicе of Filipino Culturе

Bеforе wе divе into thе intricaciеs of Go Perya.net Intеrnеt APK, lеt’s take a moment to apprеhеnd thе cultural importancе of “pеryas” in thе Philippinеs. Thе tеrm “pеryas” rеfеrs to carnivals or gala’s which have bееn lоvе resources of еnjoymеnt for gеnеrations.

Thеsе occasions are whеrеin buddies and families accumulate to еnjoy vidеo gamеs, ridеs, and delicious strееt mеals. Central to the pеrya revel in аrе thе conventional vidеo gamеs, еach supplying its vеry own particular thrill.

  • Piso Talpak: A Gamе of Chancе: Onе of thе most bеlovеd pеrya games, Piso Talpak, is a gamе of natural chancе. Playеrs takе a shot at guеssing thе range of coins with a purposе to land facе up. Thе suspense and еxcitеmеnt on this simplе but engaging game arе cеrtain to prеsеrvе you hooked.
  • Tong-its: A Card Gamе Classic: If card gamеs arе your spеcialty, Tong-its will offеr hours of lеisurе. Similar to gin rummy, it is a stratеgic gamе that combinеs good fortunе and ability. With thе propеr actions, you can outsmart your opponеnts and sеcurе a win.
  • Lucky ninе: Roll thе Dicе for Fortunе : Lucky 9, a cube gamе embedded in Filipino lifestyle, requires players to roll thе dicе and intеntion for mixturеs including as much as 9. Thе stratеgic choicеs you’rе making in this recreation will tеst your wits and luck.
  • Fishing Gamе: Rееl within thе Fun: For individuals who love thе joys of thе chasе, thе Fishing Gamе lеts in you to gеnuinеly trap fish by mеans of clicking on thеm. It’s a visually еnticing enjoyment that captures the carnival’s midway games.
  • Slots: Spin to Win: If you arе in thе tеmpеr for a conventional online casino еxpеriеncе, Go Pеrya.Intеrnеt APK offеrs thе еvеr-famous Slots gamе. Spin thе rееls and strivе your good fortunе to win hugе prizеs.

Dive into Go Pеrya.net: A World of Choicеs

Go Pеrya.Intеrnеt APK brings a majority of thеsе exhilarating pеrya video games and extra to thе palm of your hand. What sеts it aside is thе frееdom it offers gamers to pick out bеtwееn gambling totally free or with actual cash.

Additionally, thе app capabilitiеs a rеfеrral application that lеts in you to еarn rеwards with thе aid of inviting buddiеs to sign up for in at thе amusing.

To еmbark to your pеrya journеy, you’ll first want to crеatе an account on Go Pеrya APK. Thе mеthod is еasy, and as soon as your account is sеt up, you can fund it thе usе of divеrsе mеthods, including crеdit scorе playing cards, dеbit cards, and financial institution transfеrs. Thе convеniеncе of thеsе altеrnativеs guarantees you arе ready to dive into thе games immediately.

Fair Play and Sеcurity: Your Pеacе of Mind

Worried approximatеly еquity and sеcurity? Rеst confident that Go Pеrya APK prioritizes thе intеgrity of its vidеo gamеs. Thе app еmploys a Random Numbеr Gеnеrator (RNG) to guarantee that еach rеcrеation’s outcomе is truly random. This approach еvеry participant has an еqual shot at prеvailing, sеlling a lеvеl gambling fiеld for all.

Additional Insights and Fеaturеs

Hеrе arе a fеw kеy highlights about Go Pеrya.Intеrnеt APK:

  • Languagе Options: Thе app offеrs both English and Filipino languagе aid, catеring to a divеrsе targеt markеt.
  • Agе Requirement: Usеrs must bе as a minimum 18 yеars old to enter the app, adhеring to rеsponsiblе gaming practicеs.
  • Intеrnеt Connection: A solid intеrnеt connection is еssеntial for sеamlеss gameplay.
  • Customеr Support: Go Pеrya APK has a dеdicatеd customеr sеrvicе tеam availablе 24/7 to assist with any quеriеs or issuеs.


Go Pеrya APK affords a compеlling combo of traditional Filipino carnival gamеs and contеmporary mobilе gaming comfort. Its commitmеnt to fairnеss and safеty, togеthеr with its numеrous rеcrеation offerings, makеs it a fascinating dеsirе for those looking for an immеrsivе and exciting gaming rеvеl in. So, in case you’rе gеarеd up to embark on a journеy full of thrills and plеasurе, Go Pеrya APK awaits your adventure inside thе global of pеryas.

Troubleshooting 0x0 0x0 in Windows: A Comprehensive Guide to Solutions


Error codes are a not unusual prevalence within the international of computing, and one which many Windows customers may additionally encounter is “Error 0x0 0x0.” This cryptic code can happen in numerous situations and frequently leaves customers scratching their heads.

Fortunately, there are numerous steps you could take to resolve this difficulty and get your Windows gadget strolling smoothly again. In this comprehensive guide, we can explore numerous methods to restore Error 0x0 0x0, starting from easy restarts to extra advanced troubleshooting techniques.

 Restart Your Computer

The most effective solution is frequently the most effective. A quick restart of your computer can resolve many temporary troubles, consisting of Error 0x0 0x0. Before diving into extra complex fixes, deliver this an attempt. If the error persists, continue to the subsequent steps.

Corrupted system files may be a common culprit behind Error 0x0 0x. The System File Checker (SFC) is an integrated Windows device designed to test and restore those documents. To run SFC:

– Wait for the scan to complete, and observe any on-screen commands for upkeep.

 Run the System Update Readiness Tool

This tool is particularly beneficial whilst mistakes prevent Windows updates from putting in efficiently. Download the System Update Readiness Tool from the Microsoft website and run the executable file to diagnose and connect replace-related problems.

 Run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Memory-related errors also can trigger Error 0x0 0. The Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool can assist pick out and addressing memory problems. To run it:

– Click on the “Windows Memory Diagnostic” app to initiate the scan.

Update Device Drivers

Outdated or corrupted tool drivers can lead to quite a few gadget mistakes. To replace your device drivers:

– Expand the category for the device inflicting the error.

– Follow the on-display screen instructions to replace the motive force.

Uninstall and Reinstall Problematic Programs

If the error is unique to a particular software, uninstalling and then reinstalling it may solve the problem. To uninstall a software:

– Open the Control Panel and navigate to “Programs and Features.”

– Select the system you desire to uninstall and click on “Uninstall.”

Perform a Clean Boot

An easy boot begins with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, assisting in becoming aware of whether a third-celebration utility is chargeable for the error. To carry out a smooth boot:

– Click on the “System Configuration” app.

– Go to the “Boot” tab.

– Under “Startup Options,” pick out “Minimal” and click on “OK.”

– Restart your computer.

If the mistake disappears after this step, regularly re-enable startup programs to pinpoint the difficult one.

Scan for Malware

Malware infections can wreak havoc on your system and can trigger the error. Run a thorough malware experiment with the use of relied-on antivirus or anti-malware software to dispose of this possibility.


Error in Windows may be frustrating, however with the right method, you may remedy it and repair your laptop to full capability. Start with the fundamental solutions like restarting your PC and using the System File Checker (SFC). If the error persists, progressively circulate via the extra advanced troubleshooting steps, together with jogging diagnostic gear and updating drivers.

Keep in mind that the unique repair might also vary depending on your state of affairs, so endurance and persistence are key. Always bear in mind to lower back up your information before trying any fixes, and in case you’re not comfortable troubleshooting on your very own, seek help from a certified technician or Microsoft aid.

Desires.Com Computer: Explore Complete Knowledge About, Cyber, Technology, Computer, Blogs Website


Your every desire is only a click away in the internet world of 101desires.com, so welcome! You need not search any further because 101desires.com has everything you need.

101desires.com online platform provides various options for all your needs, whether related to the Internet, technology, cloud storage, cryptocurrency, g-drive information, g-suite, health & fitness, or software. 

Prepare yourself for a virtual wonderland adventure as we explore what makes 101desires.com the best place to satiate your cravings! Therefore, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s begin!

What Is 101desires.Com Internet Website?

101desires.com is primarily an online marketplace that satisfies the various desires of customers around the world. It acts as a platform where people can conveniently research information about technology and Internet-related goods and services from the ease of their homes.

Desires.com Computer: Complete Explanation

101desires.Com Computer accessories and reviews are the go-to resource for IT enthusiasts seeking excellent computer accessories and reliable reviews. As part of its dedication to providing top-notch products, this platform ensures that clients obtain the newest and most advanced devices to enhance their computing experience.

101desires.Com Computer offers alternatives catered to match each individual’s specific needs and tastes, offering a wide variety of cutting-edge peripherals, from keyboards and mice to displays and audio equipment. They also offer insightful analyses of each product’s performance, noting its advantages and disadvantages with careful attention to detail.

What Kinds Of Goods And Services Are Available

The platform 101desires.Com can meet all your online purchasing requirements. It offers various goods and services to satisfy multiple needs and interests. You may find everything you’re looking for on 101Desires.com Internet, including Internet, technology, cloud storage, cryptocurrency, g-drive information, g-suite, health & fitness, software or tech items, or even vacation experiences.

How To Use 101desires.com Internet?

Using 101desires.Com is a straightforward and user-friendly approach.

101desires.Com has a welcoming and simple interface that makes navigating simple. Type terms relating to the goods or services you want to purchase into the search box at the top of the page. 


In this era of technology, when the Internet is a limitless sea of chances, 101Desires.com stands out as a special platform that provides a huge array of goods and services to satisfy your wishes. 

101desires.com website’s user-friendly interface and simple layout make finding your way around a snap. Simply use the search bar to get what you’re looking for, or browse their many categories to find novel goods that catch your eye. Making educated purchase selections is made easier with the aid of thorough product descriptions and user reviews.

101desires.com stands as a valuable and complete aid for everybody looking to expand their information within the global of computers. Its rich and varied content, including software critiques, hardware courses, tutorials, news articles, blog posts, and discussion board discussions, creates a holistic learning experience.

Whether you are a beginner searching for to decorate fundamental skills or a tech fanatic striving to live ahead inside the digital realm, 101desires.Com has something to provide. It’s a virtual compass guiding you via the ever-evolving landscape of era, empowering you to make knowledgeable alternatives and free up the real capacity of your pc.

Languages Tutoring App Preply Raises Record-breaking Funding $50 Million


Languages Tutoring App Preply Raised $50 Million

Ukraine-based Language tutoring application, Preply has recently announced raising $50 Million for scaling up the operations of its platform in a Series C funding round.

The leading investor in the deal is Owl Ventures with other backup investors such as Diligent Capital, Educapital, Hoxton Ventures, Evli Growth Partners, Przemyslow Gacek of Grupa Pacruj, Orbit Capital, and Swisscom Ventures. With this, the total investment amount raised to date becomes $101 Million.

About Languages Tutoring App Preply

Preply is a Multinational ed-tech company established in 2012 with its headquarters in Brookline, United States of America, however, it originated in Ukraine. The co-founders of the global learning platform, Preply are Kirill Bigai, Surge Lukyanov, and Dmytro Voloshyn.

Preply is popular for tutoring global languages to students worldwide, following a machine learning and AI-based algorithm. Languages tutored through Preply include English, German, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and many more, currently featuring in more than 180 countries. Machine learning algorithm helps students to find compatible and matched tutors according to their specific conditions.

Learners can get personalized learning lessons specifically. It has a wide base of employees from over 58 nationalities and has lakhs of tutors onboarded on its platform. Learners can filter tutors according to their requirements such as price, language, etc, and get personal tutoring classes from the desired tutor. Preply provides a platform where learners and tutors across the world connect. For its emerging popularity, Preply won the “The revenue hack of 2020” award at an award show in Ukraine in May 2020. The actual annual revenue is not revealed by Preply, though it is growing faster than before.

The platform features a category called ”Corporate training” which helps employees of various companies and businesses to upgrade their skills and to achieve business-level language proficiency. Most of the learners enroll in learning English and Spanish languages.  Preply started its operations in Ukraine, however, it shifted most of its operations to other countries afterward. The Ukraine-Russia war has also affected the ongoing operations of Preply in Ukraine. Some great competitors of Preply in the market are Cambly, Duolingo, GoStudents, Lingoda, and many more.  

Kirill Bigai, Chief Executive Officer, Preply’s Statement

Kirill Bigai, Chief Executive Officer, Preply said that the company is going to update the platform with more formal learning techniques for learners. He has not revealed the exact valuation of Preply after this recent round, however, said that the value is surging comparatively. Kirill Bigai got the inspiration and idea of launching Preply and the specific learning methodology with his own story of learning English virtually.

He wanted to ease the process of finding tutors accordingly so that desired learners can learn different languages even after passing out from the educational institution. Bigai said that he feels proud of the achievement of Preply and praised the organization by adding that the company has achieved the benchmark to become leading language learning and educational start-up worldwide. 

Preply will use the freshly raised $50 Million investment for growing its ongoing operations at a big pace and upgrading some learning, tutoring content, and techniques for the users. They will be focussing on maintaining the technology that is already in use such as Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence for worry-free operations. Enhancing content is the main focus of Preply for this funding round.

Coming to the investor in this $50 Million deal, the leading one here is Owl Ventures. Owl Ventures is an investment company based in San Francisco, California, United States of America, and is popular for investing in ed-tech start-ups worldwide. Ross Drawin of Owl Ventures said that they are thrilled to work with Preply and praised the momentum maintained by Preply for its feature of providing language tutoring to companies and for business purposes. 

Talking about some of the backup investors, Diligent Capital Partners is a Ukraine-based private equity capital start-up, established in 2016.  Educapital is a Europe-based Venture capital firm, founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Paris. 

Hoxton Ventures is an investment company focussing on early-stage and seed funding rounds, located in the United Kingdom. Evli Growth Partners is also an investment firm located in Helsinki, Finland. Grupa Pacruj is a technology-based recruitment company in Europe. Orbit Capital was founded in 2019 as an investment organization in the Czech Republic. Lastly, Swisscom Ventures is a venture capital-based investment company based in Switzerland.

In addition to this $50 Million funding round, There are several other investments achieved by Preply. Some of them include a Series B round of $35.2 Million on March 9, 2021. The funding was primarily led by Owl Ventures and Full In Partners with several other backers. On 30 March 2020, Preply closed a  series A funding round of $10 Million, having Hoxton Ventures as the chief investor with 8 other investors. 

Preply is giving high competition to other language learning applications in the market with its highly productive machine-learning-based algorithm for learners and tutors. As their plan says, this new funding will bring some good and productive changes in their highly efficient working model.

Banking API Providing Application, ClearBank Recently Raised $230 Million For Expanding Its Operations


ClearBank Recently Raised $230 Million For Expanding Its Market Globally

ClearBank, an United Kingdom digital and transforming banking services provider came into the news after the start-up announced raising $230 Million in a funding round of Series E on 19 March 2022. Apax Partners is leading this round along with the PPF group which will be used to expand the market operational areas of Clearbank globally.

About ClearBankand Its Funding

Uk-based organization Clearbank started was founded in 2015 by Nick Ogden with its headquarters located in London, United Kingdom. It works on cloud computing and delivers digital solutions for various sectors of banking including accounts operating, embedded banking, and clearing or real-time payments with the help of an application programming Interface. Clearbank works to bring regular innovations in the fintech sector, providing technology-based applications to fulfill the needs of the industry with nearly 200 customers globally.

Used by companies worldwide, Clearbank has paved new safer, and quicker ways to clear payments without any hassle. It offers Clearbank’s API for processing the above-mentioned operations. Not only limited to banking institutions but Clearbank solutions are also being widely used by Crypto platforms, Wealthforms, and other fintech-based companies. The provides products in three major categories in which the first one being “accounts”.

In account, they provide their customers with a safer place for their funds. The other two are embedded banking and clearing which contributes highly to the growth of the fintech institution.  Cloud-based APIs are shaping the ways fintech companies provide feasible and reliable results. Coming to the popularity of ClearBank, it has a massive market value.

The overall valuation after the new funding has not been disclosed by the company yet. The major technologies used in their operations include Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service. Some clients of ClearBank are Coinbase, Coin, Oaknorth, etc. According to ClearBank, it is the first of its type of bank in the entire United Kingdom over nearly 250 years.

The current Chief Executive Officer of Clearbank is Charles McManus, who said that this newly raised funding will bring s slight and significant increase in the total valuations of the start-up.  He expressed that “Europe and the United States have been very slow in modernizing” and pointed out the discussions of SWIFT across Russia about the slow pace.

Clearbank has improved traditional banking and payment clearing scenarios by making them faster than ever. McManus said that the company’s goal is to provide real-time offerings for its customers and avail a greater level of comfort with quick transactions. 

Talking about plans of the recently raised funding of $230 Million, it will be used to expand its operations further in other parts from where it is functioning currently and also at a global level. Along with this, new categories can be focussed on through investment. Currently being the leading digital payments clearing start-up, the future aim is to improve and make the operations run at a speedy pace than before. From all these, we can assume that the funding will bring some great innovations in the market of fintech. Numerous companies are becoming fintech institutions by adopting financial operations. 

Investors Who Participated in the Investment

There are two investors in this round including Apax Partners and PPF group. Apax is a private equity company providing investment solutions in multiple domains such as technology, fintech, etc. Mark Beith of Apax said that ClearBank is assisting fintech organizations, providing them with payments clearing services and “ embedded banking infrastructure “, in the era where most of the organizations and adopting fintech . He added with the same that Apax is very excited to invest and contribute with ClearBank  and also with the existing investors and shareholders of the Clear Bank group. 

Another investor in this deal is PPF group, which is an investment firm headquartered in the Czech Republic and was founded in 1991. The firm has made some great contributions and investments in numerous companies around the world and now participated in this series E investment round. 

Coming to the other earlier fundings got by Clearbank, In August 2020, the start-up raised an investment of $25 Million from Banking Competition Limited as grant money. Before this, it achieved around $195 Million in a Late Venture Capital funding round by PPF group and Northern Private Capital in June 2019. 

In February 2019, $60 Million has been granted by Banking Corporation as funding. There are multiple other investments from global investors that the company has attained to date. With this, the total investment raised by Clearbank to date is around $550 Million, however, the exact figure is not known as some of the funding amounts are undisclosed.


Cloud-based services are playing a major role in shaping and re-structuring multiple industries including fintech having some great benefits. Clear Bank is providing secure and at-ease financial solutions, that are widely used by people.

Meta launches Sphere : AI-based  Information Verification Tool Used to Verify Citations On Wikipedia


USA-based multinational Company Meta, formerly known as Facebook recently announced the launching of an Artificial Intelligence-based Application, Sphere to control the misinformation over millions of web pages, the first on the list which they are targeting is Wikipedia. Today, we will be having a look at this in some detail. 

About Sphere and Its working

Sphere is an AI-based tool that has the ability to scan millions of web pages to verify the citations provided on the pages to check whether the information given is authentic and accurate. The tool is in its initial phase as of now and has already scanned a variety of web pages.  Along with the text, the tool is also able to check and verifies the hyperlinks given in between the texts to support accurate information on that matter. This is a great step put up by Meta for protecting any misinformation from spreading among the public and maintaining the authenticity of the topic. Although Meta doesn’t have a very good impression in public views regarding authentic news as there are multiple times that Meta was accused by the public of supporting “misinformation”, this step for launching “Sphere” is a commendable and helpful one. 

Sphere Used to Verify The Citations On Wikipedia

As the very first step, Meta used this tool on Wikipedia pages and the reason behind this is Wikipedia has a massive amount of viewers being the most popular information app(encyclopedia) out there. There are around 6.5 Million articles to data on Wikipedia and there are high chances of information being not accurate or false. Targeting Wikipedia will bring out the authenticity of content and data on the pages. If the same work is done manually, it will cost a lot of time and Artificial Intelligence-based “Sphere “ will solve the problem in a matter of seconds and will suggest the correct citation for the misinformed data. Not being limited to Wikipedia only, Meta has plans to upgrade and expand it further to other websites as well for maintaining the authenticity of the content. 

With this Meta says that With the help of the process, the focus goes on the citations “ allowing human editors to evaluate the cases most likely to be flawed without having to shift through thousands of properly cited statements” and their tool and its working model will give some suggestions for the authentic citation in the place of the false one and will also point out to the passages that are supporting the claims.  

Along with this, a new data set known as “ WAFER” (“more intricate than ever Wikipedia citations”) is for use in this kind of research and is being used for the new Tool of Meta called “Sphere”. However, according to Meta, it is not a paid deal between both of companies. 

Going further, the technology used in Building this is artificial Intelligence, which provides a fully automated process of checking citations. Their next area of focus on further expanding is they will train the tool to “access the quality of retrieved document”, will observe and detect any contradictions in the same, and will emphasize more trustworthy sources, according to them.

Added to this, they said that if there is no convincing evidence or source exists,” concede that they, like us, can still be stumped”.The tool  Sphere is being used as an open-source tool and currently, it is going through a production phase. Meta also commented that this model or this toll will not be going to use on its own platform or on any of the companies, acquired by them such as Instagram, etc. They added that they have a specific and separate tool for their own platforms. 

About Meta

Meta (Meta Platforms formerly known as Facebook) is an America-based multinational Information Technology company, co-founded on 4 January 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum,  Dustin Moscovitz, and Chris Hughes. Headquarters or Meta are located in Menlo Park, California, United States of America. Its popular product is social media platforms Facebook,  Whatsapp, and Instagram among some other platforms as well.

It is also a major player in the field of “Virtual and Augmented Reality”.  The Chief Executive Officer of Meta is Mark Zuckerberg. The company was also named among the “ top 500 fortunate companies ” of the world, itself gaining a 34th rank in the list. 


Ai built tool “Sphere” will help to validate the truthfulness of any citations including texts and links, and will notify for every mis information and will also provide the correct citations for the same. As the model is currently in not in its live phase and working in its production phase on Wikipedia only, they will further expand it to other websites and resources to well. This newly made model seems to be very useful and supportive, according to its perks provided.

Billionaire Mark Cuban Sells Tokenized Tweet as an Ethereum NFT


Valuables by Cent is being used by individuals to generate income by selling their Tweets and swapping with Ethereum. Cent has provided a new way to generate profit through digital content. People are using the feature at a massive scale and NFTweets selling is growing at a rapid pace. Mark Cuban, a popular investor has also sold his tweet in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Chief Executive Officer of Cent, Cameron Hejazi has also expressed her views on the same saying, they launched Valuables with the willingness to provide another way to describe “ how much they appreciated something” to the individuals. The process started with the vision of providing a way of digital earning or monetization to the content creators and for this, Cameron Hejazi said that this fresh start is the first step in the process.

The Popularity of this Tweet Selling Business

This initiative of selling Tweets has shown tremendous growth within a short period while most of the users are repeat users ( 80%, according to the CEO of Cent ). Almost $270000 has been already generated to date through the monetization of Tweets and repeating buyers is the most prominent reason behind this. Approximately 404 Tweets were sold at the end of 2020, generating an amount of more than $75000. From the above information, we can assume that the business is growing speedily.

Mark Cuban also sold his Tweet.

American Investor and Philanthropist, Mark Cuban has also created an amount of $1000 after he sold out his Tweet( given below ).

The Tweet made by Mark Cuban, that got sold was “ The Store Of Value Generation Is Licking Your Ass And You Don’t Even Know About It”. With this tweet, he also added a link to his blog. On this deal, Hejazi said that she thought there was an offer for $1000, that caught the attention of Mark Cuban, and “it got him into the app “ and he accepted the deal after setting up his MetaMask. Along with that, she added that now we have a well-known person who is engaging with his fans.

How to buy or sell a Tweet on Valuables, a platform launched by Cent?

For Selling

If anyone wants to sell a tweet created by them on the platform, the first thing they have to do is to provide the tweet to the Ethereum blockchain for producing an endorsed type of the same tweet ( one-of-one ) by keeping it on its immutable records. There interested people can buy the version. Valuables is a platform for the direct exchanging of tweets after involving MetaMask to your preferred browser and the verification of the authenticity of the tweet is also done by Cent.

For buying

Four buying the tweet, the user just has to copy the link(URL ) of the tweet and enter the same by visiting Valuables. After the process, the ownership of the Tweet transfers from the seller to the buyer.

95% of the total amount generated goes to the seller, while Cent takes the remaining 5%. Neeraj Agarwal of Coin Centre also sold his Tweet in exchange for $20 as NFT.

Problems linked to this initiative

Once the Tweet got uploaded to a blockchain, it becomes permanent there. One of the problems that arise here is what if Twitter deletes or removes that tweet from their platform and the tweet is already sold to someone? Hejazi also added on it that once you sold a tweet, it got uploaded to the blockchain and becomes permanent.

Once Twitter has removed a tweet from the platform and the original creator has already uploaded it to the blockchain, it is impossible to delete it from there. Hejazi said that at that point, we can do nothing about the same. Though the creator has ownership of the content, according to Twitter but the matter of issue here is what the third parties that can access the tweet are doing with the tweet, which has been removed from Twitter. Any solution to this problem is not generated yet. 


This article is published just for news purpose and nothing, If any user and company find sensitive or wrong information, we can remove from here.

 Baby girl Long Sleeve Jumpsuit review from the Sparkshop.in


Your wait for an amazing and stylish jumpsuit for your baby girl is over now with the latest launch from The Sparkshop.in. This elegant full-sleeve jumpsuit from the Sparkshop will add a beautiful style element to the collection and wardrobe of your baby girl. Let’s have a detailed look at this beautiful product from The Sparkshop.in.

Product Description

This cute and comfy jumpsuit from The Sparkshop is a must-have for your baby’s wardrobe. It is a full-sleeve jumpsuit made up of the comfiest 100% cotton material. This amazing jumpsuit has a ruffle and button design on the left side, adding a style element to this product. It is perfect for summer weather due to its comfortable and highly absorbent material. It is easy to wash and is perfect for your little one to wear in summer. Let’s have a look at the other details of this product.

Color and Fit.

This jumpsuit is available in multiple colors such as brown, pink, blue, red, yellow, and others. You can order the product according to your color choice. It is available in different sizes including 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, and 12-15 months. This brown-colored jumpsuit is very classy and surely will catch the eyes of the viewer. 


The fabric used in this stylish full-sleeve baby girl jumpsuit is 100% cotton. Due to its highly absorbent and easy-to-maintain nature, it is a perfect one for your baby. This jumpsuit is highly stretchable making it more convenient for your baby girl to wear. It is easy to clean with any detergent or soap and dries out very quickly. Along with that, this product is machine-washable. 


This cute and comfy jumpsuit from the Sparkshop is made up of comfortable cotton material. It is perfect for the fragile skin of your baby’s body. Cotton is a well-known fabric to be worn in summer and is very easy to maintain. This jumpsuit is highly comfortable and stretchable. 

Instructions to maintain this Full sleeve jumpsuit from The Sparkshiop.in

  • Don’t iron this jumpsuit. It can harm the product.
  • Don’t bleach.
  • Don’t expose the product to heavy sunlight.

How to order this jumpsuit?

To order this jumpsuit, you need to visit the official website of The Sparkshop. You can directly search for the desired product or you can directly click on the product link i.e., https://thesparkshop.in/product/baby-girl-brown-long-sleeve-jumpsuit. Click on this link and add the product to the shopping cart. After adding it to your cart and selecting the desired quantity, place the order after entering the necessary details. 


This cute and comfy baby girl jumpsuit from the Sparkshop is an ideal product for your baby’s wardrobe. Already many pieces of the product have been sold and it has some really good reviews on the official website. This product is recommended from our side and you can order it from the Sparkshop website. You can choose the size, color, and quantity according to your preference. 

Some Frequently asked questions on this product.

What is the price of this product?

This product is available at a very pocket-friendly price of INR 199. This cotton jumpsuit is highly recommendable by our side.

How to order this jumpsuit?

You can order this baby girls jumpsuit directly from the website of Sparkshop. Along with that, You can directly click on the product and order the product.

What is the fabric material used in this product?

This Baby girl full-sleeve jumpsuit is made up of 100% cotton. It is perfect to wear in summer.

AppOmni Raises an Investment of $70 Million for Securing SaaS-based Operations


 AppOmni, a leading Cloud-based Software-as-a-service provider based in San Francisco raises funding equal to $70 Million in a series C funding round having Thoma Bravo as the prime investor.

Other backup investors include Scale Venture Partners, Clearsky, Salesforce Ventures, and Costanoa Ventures. With this investment round, the total funding received by the start-up attains a mark of $123 Million. AppOmni is operating as a security provider for Software as a Service-based application. 

Appomni 70m Series Funding

AppOmni was co-founded by Brendan O’Connor and Brian Soby in 2018 and is currently headquartered in San Francisco, United States of America.  Its foremost purpose is to provide security solutions and insights for SaaS applications. Along with this, they also deal with providing and managing data access rules and regulations to protect it from unauthorized and third-party access attempts. In the era of digital transformation, vulnerabilities come along with the same. The application scans the system and Application programming interface for any security issue or vulnerability and sends an alert when encountering the same. Not only limited to sending alerts, but It also provides solutions for eliminating vulnerability and protecting the data.

According to AppOmni, they find numerous security threats and issues on average with a single sacking of the company’s data. Security is an essential part of any project or data and AppOmni is providing world-class solutions for protecting SaaS-based Applications, which is a widely used Cloud-based service.  AppOmni delivers security solutions in multiple domains including fintech, technology, healthcare, and others, and for all the major SaaS-based Service providers such as Microsoft 365, Workday, Salesforce, Google Workspace, GitHub, and many more. Configuration management and Data access prevention are some of the services provided by the start-up; it has protected the data of millions of users and businesses. AppOmni has some global clients including Accenture and Dropbox and is one of the best security providers in terms of SAAS-based services. 

Chief Executive Officer, Brendan O’Connor said that Cloud-based SaaS plays a major role in the tech industry but in terms of Security, most of the organizations are not doing up to the mark. They are providing services to secure SaaS data and protect it from any vulnerabilities as SaaS is dealing with sensitive and important data, according to him. And the recently raised funding will be used to improve security. He also added that he feels excited to partner with amazing investors such as Thoma Bravo and others to scale their operations. 

The plans of the start-up include scaling up the security services for Software-as-a-Services platforms and improving the previously launched application. Along with this, the company will focus on global growth as said by the CEO, and expand it on a big level.  AppOmni has recently launched the “AppOmni Developer Platform”, which is being used widely among people. Robert Style of Thoma Bravo will also join the board of directors at AppOmni.

Talking about the investors in this round,  Thoma Bravo is the Chief one. It is a subsidiary company of Golder Thoma &Co and was founded in 2008. It deals in private equity and investments in Tech and software companies. Robert Sayle, partner (Thoma Bravo) said that due to the process of digitalization in all sectors, the need for data security or protection has surged and AppOmni’s solutions stand out among its competitors. He also said that they are feeling thrilled to partner with AppOmni and Brendan O’Connor. 

Talking about the backup investors, Scale Venture Partners was founded in 2000 as a private venture capital investment firm that deals with Series A and Series B funding with its headquarters location in Foster City, California, United States of America. 

Clearsky is a venture investment firm based in Florida, USA. The firm started its operations in 2012. Salesforce Ventures is an investment firm that comes under the parent company, Salesforce, and was launched in 2009 in San Francisco, USA.  It primarily invests in cloud-based companies.  Last but not least is Costanoa Ventures which is an early-stage funding company that deals with Series A and seed investments. Costanoa Ventures was founded in 2012 with its headquarters located in Palo Alto, U.S.A.

In April 2021, AppOmni received funding of $40 Million in a Series B round with investors including Scale Venture Partners, Silicon Valley Data Capital, Salesforce Ventures, Inner Loop Capital, Costanoa Ventures, Clearsky, and ServiceNow  Ventures. Before this, the start-up has raised an undisclosed amount of capital in December 2020. In January 2020, a series A funding round of $10 Million was led by Geroge Hu, Silicon Valley Data Capital, InnerLoop Capital, Clearsky, and Costanoa Ventures. The start-up has not disclosed its total valuation to date. 

With the emerging usage of SaaS, it becomes very urgent and essential to protect your data from any breach, theft, or any other issue. AppOmni which also comes under the Top 100 CyberTech companies of 2022 is performing commendably to provide security solutions to businesses.