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Billionaire Mark Cuban Sells Tokenized Tweet as an Ethereum NFT

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Valuables by Cent is being used by individuals to generate income by selling their Tweets and swapping with Ethereum. Cent has provided a new way to generate profit through digital content. People are using the feature at a massive scale and NFTweets selling is growing at a rapid pace. Mark Cuban, a popular investor has also sold his tweet in exchange for thousands of dollars.

Chief Executive Officer of Cent, Cameron Hejazi has also expressed her views on the same saying, they launched Valuables with the willingness to provide another way to describe “ how much they appreciated something” to the individuals. The process started with the vision of providing a way of digital earning or monetization to the content creators and for this, Cameron Hejazi said that this fresh start is the first step in the process.

The Popularity of this Tweet Selling Business

This initiative of selling Tweets has shown tremendous growth within a short period while most of the users are repeat users ( 80%, according to the CEO of Cent ). Almost $270000 has been already generated to date through the monetization of Tweets and repeating buyers is the most prominent reason behind this. Approximately 404 Tweets were sold at the end of 2020, generating an amount of more than $75000. From the above information, we can assume that the business is growing speedily.

Mark Cuban also sold his Tweet.

American Investor and Philanthropist, Mark Cuban has also created an amount of $1000 after he sold out his Tweet( given below ).

The Tweet made by Mark Cuban, that got sold was “ The Store Of Value Generation Is Licking Your Ass And You Don’t Even Know About It”. With this tweet, he also added a link to his blog. On this deal, Hejazi said that she thought there was an offer for $1000, that caught the attention of Mark Cuban, and “it got him into the app “ and he accepted the deal after setting up his MetaMask. Along with that, she added that now we have a well-known person who is engaging with his fans.

How to buy or sell a Tweet on Valuables, a platform launched by Cent?

For Selling

If anyone wants to sell a tweet created by them on the platform, the first thing they have to do is to provide the tweet to the Ethereum blockchain for producing an endorsed type of the same tweet ( one-of-one ) by keeping it on its immutable records. There interested people can buy the version. Valuables is a platform for the direct exchanging of tweets after involving MetaMask to your preferred browser and the verification of the authenticity of the tweet is also done by Cent.

For buying

Four buying the tweet, the user just has to copy the link(URL ) of the tweet and enter the same by visiting Valuables. After the process, the ownership of the Tweet transfers from the seller to the buyer.

95% of the total amount generated goes to the seller, while Cent takes the remaining 5%. Neeraj Agarwal of Coin Centre also sold his Tweet in exchange for $20 as NFT.

Problems linked to this initiative

Once the Tweet got uploaded to a blockchain, it becomes permanent there. One of the problems that arise here is what if Twitter deletes or removes that tweet from their platform and the tweet is already sold to someone? Hejazi also added on it that once you sold a tweet, it got uploaded to the blockchain and becomes permanent.

Once Twitter has removed a tweet from the platform and the original creator has already uploaded it to the blockchain, it is impossible to delete it from there. Hejazi said that at that point, we can do nothing about the same. Though the creator has ownership of the content, according to Twitter but the matter of issue here is what the third parties that can access the tweet are doing with the tweet, which has been removed from Twitter. Any solution to this problem is not generated yet. 


This article is published just for news purpose and nothing, If any user and company find sensitive or wrong information, we can remove from here.

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