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A Step-by-Step Guide to Mastering the Meesho Supplier Panel

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If you’re new to selling products online, the Meesho Supplier Panel might be a useful resource. This platform makes it easier to sell items, manage inventory, handle orders, monitor payments, and start an online company. Mastering the Meesho Merchant Panel is critical for a successful start. 

Understanding How the Meesho Merchant Panel Works

Products are shown in your Meesho catalogue, which underpins your online shop. You may bulk upload catalogues using CSV files. Each catalogue may include 1-9 similarly categorised items. If you sell 8 coats, put them in one catalogue; 4 jackets and 6 sweaters require different catalogues. Uploading your catalogue is crucial.

How the Panel Works for Uploading Catalogue

Catalogue upload process:

  1. Select a catalogue category.
  2. Upload high-quality product photos.
  3. Consider using numerous photos for each product.
  4. Adhere to Meesho’s image standards.
  5. Fill in product information such as price, size, and GST.
  6. Aim for 3-4 things in every catalogue.
  7. Begin with 5-7 catalogues.
  8. Learn about the Meesho Merchant Panel guidelines.

Maximizing Orders with the Meesho Merchant Panel

After your catalogue goes live, around 110 million Indian customers can access your products. To boost sales:

  1. Upload 5-7 catalogues.
  2. Price competitively using expenses and profit margins.
  3. Tools for pricing suggestions.
  4. Sell trendy items.
  5. Join Next Day Dispatch (NDD) for publicity and no commissions.

Managing Delivery and Payments

When orders come in, you’ll receive email notifications. To track orders:

  1. Take the order.
  2. Download the product and label it.
  3. Pack the merchandise and label it.
  4. Transfer it to Meesho’s logistics partner.
  5. Consider the case of NDD.
  6. Payments are deposited into your bank account within 7 days.
  7. Track Payments using the Panel.

Mastering the Meesho Merchant Panel

Here are 16 key steps:

  1. Go to supplier.meeshosupply.com.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Select bulk / single catalogue upload.
  4. Use the ‘Image bulk upload tool.’
  5. Select, upload, and connect pictures.
  6. Check ‘New orders.’
  7. Accept or reject orders.
  8. Follow packing instructions.
  9. Track orders under ‘Shipped.’
  10. Catalogues in ‘Inventory.’
  11. Review payments in ‘Payment.’
  12. Increase catalogue exposure with ‘Advertisement.’
  13. Try the “Product recommendation” feature.’
  14. Price competitively using the ‘Price advice tool.’
  15. Ask for help under ‘Support’.
  16. Control settings in ‘Notice’ and ‘Settings’

Meesho has great potential for online beginners. Learn how to maximise the Meesho Merchant Panel with this tutorial. Meesho’s support staff can help with issues. Improve your online sales with Meesho!

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